I have been dedicated to breeding Ragdolls since 1999 but in 2008 I embarked on my

new found passion and close relative of the Ragdoll -The RagaMuffin. Although similar ancestry to

our much loved Ragdolls, and with an equally loving temperament and sweetest expression 

we were overwhelmed with the available coat colours and patterns, especially for me, the Minks Sepias 

and the Silvers, which meant that every mating could produce a wide variety of coat as well as eye colours


A group of fellow Ragdoll Breeders and myself, decided to work together and import the RagaMuffin cat into

the UK and set up a club  “The United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society”. The UKRMCS is the only GCCF

RagaMuffin Club in the UK and all its breeders have to sign a strict code of ethics to be a registered breeder.


All our hard work recently paid off when the 'RagaMuffin' name was recognised by the GCCF and given

the breed number 60, which meant we could exhibit this rare and beautiful breed at GCCF shows

 we then gained preliminary status, so we could enter GCCF shows at Merit level. In June 2015

 the RagaMuffin was promoted to Champion ship status and are now a fully recognised breed 


The RagaMuffin is taking the show world by storm with many of our Muffins achieving best in show SLH 

against all the other Semi Longhair Breeds. we are also very proud at having a RagaMuffin Filensio Pandora Charm 

gain Best In Show Semi Longhair Neuter at The 2014 Supreme Cat Show which is an incredible 

achievement for a new breed. The judges just adore them which is shown in their results


We would like to thank everyone involved in showing and exhibiting our cats as without their dedication

we could never have achieved Championship status in such a short space of time. we are so very

proud of the RagaMuffin in the UK and its achievements, it has made all the hard work worthwhile


There will be no out crossing to Ragdolls in the UK, and along with strict registration, breeding policies and

standard of points that we have produced we feel this is the way forward and will ensure that

although the two breeds have similar ancestry they are two completely different breeds of cat

and therefore ensure the differences remain between the two breeds in the UK.





Filensio RagaMuffin Cats ~  Helen Sallows

Co founder and Patron of the UK RagaMuffin Cat Society

 Breeding authentic RagaMuffin Kittens from foundation cats imported from USA and Hungary.