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Filensio RagaMuffin kittens are from HCM and PKD negative lines and will go to their 

new homes about 12/13 weeks old, before leaving they will be wormed, vaccinated, 

health checks insured, and registered with the G.C.C.F. 

( this is held back until veterinary confirmation of spaying/neutering )

They also leave with a  kitten pack which contains an advice and diet sheet, food, and toys.  

All RagaMuffin kittens are sold as pets and a contract must be signed to say they will be neutered

 at or before six months old. New owners are encouraged to stay in touch and we will always 

try and answer any queries or worries they may have. 


We do not have a waiting list but The United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society

do hold a kitten list and club members are given priority to kittens from the breeders on their list.

Please remember this is a rare breed in the USA so it is a very rare breed here in the UK so

there maybe a long wait for certain colours.


As soon as a kitten is booked and a deposit of 100 is paid the kitten will then become sold, this

deposit is non refundable unless for what ever reason the breeder can not provide you with 

the kitten of your choice, The best time to view kittens is after 6 weeks old.


All our RagaMuffins are registered with GCCF or ACFA to ensure you are purchasing an

authentic RagaMuffin please check that both the parents are registered with GCCF or ACFA


Please note we are unwilling to sell a single kitten to a home where he/she will be alone all day.

RagaMuffins are indoor cats and should never be allowed outside unattended.


I have now completed my RAG two year probationary breeders apprentership in the USA and UK

which means I am now qualified to sell breeding cats and also mentor new breeders

 Anyone who is interested in a a breeding cat must be a member of the UKRMCS

The kittens above were our first litter of Muffin Babies- they have been an absolute joy!

Sire is Indigo Rags Beau of Cheham RagaMuffins and Dam is Rivendell Rags Indian Sunset

Look at them now............. everything we wanted and so much more

Filensio Mr Binks                Filensio Willow                  Filensio Zander               Filensio Buffy


The UKRMCS is the only GCCF Affiliated RagaMuffin Cat Club in the UK. UKRMCS Registered breeders have to sign

a code of ethics and also  follow strict breeding guidelines that are in place to protect both the purchaser and the kitten/cat.

To ensure you are buying an authentic RagaMuffin always check the parents are fully registered RagaMuffins

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