Being involved in the importing and recognition of the RagaMuffin in the

UK has been no easy task but I have to say has been worth the wait

Let me introduce you to our beautiful RagaMuffins.

Imperial Rags Rocco

Let me introduce you to our latest boy, he was imported by myself and 

Caroline Griffin of Gryffinpaws from Kristen Wiley in the USA. He is a very

handsome and chunky Brown Mink Smoke with the most amazing temperament

Thanks so much Kristen for entrusting us with this special boy.

Annaric Elliot

This is Elliot who is such a big fluff ball, he is a Blue Mink Silver 

Tabby and White, and has such a muscular body and broad cheeks, he has blessed

us with some stunning kittens. Thanks so much Anne for this lovely boy 

Filensio Zander

This is Zander he is a Blue Sepia Tabby and White and is from my very first

litter of RagaMuffins. He has done myself and the breed proud with many off his

offspring being in the Best in show line ups. He is a big soft teddy bear

with the sweetest of temperaments and loves to head butt

Filensio Chiara

Chiara is just like her dad Zander, she has his look build and boning, She is a

Blue Mink Tabby and White and has already given us some beautiful kittens

Cheham Silver Misteri

This is missy, she is a Silver Tabby and White with the most affectionate temperament

She has had great success on the show bench achieving BIS Semi Longhair which

is a fantastic achievement for a new breed, and has 3 Merits to date.

Filensio Shimmer

Maddie is a beautiful Black Smoke and White, she is such an elegant 

girlie and is totally in charge of everyone. She is a daughter of elliot.

Valleycat Foxie Lady

This is Tiggy she is a Brown Mink Tortie Tabby, she is foxie by name and foxie

by nature the way she struts around with her tail. she has had great success on

the show bench and already and has gained Four merits to date

Filensio Tiramisu

Tiri is a Brown Sepia Tortie and White and the daughter of

Valleycat Foxie Lady, we are looking forward to having

a first litter from her soon





Helen Sallows- Filensio RagaMuffins all rights reserved