The RagaMuffin is a new breed here in the UK where myself and four other catteries have joined together to import this wonderful breed, we have set up a RagaMuffin Club and this club has been pre-affiliated with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy ( GCCF ) The founding members of the UKRMCS are  A.Wells, C.Powell, N.Hillman, H.Sallows, J and M Cann, Z and A Matthews. we have now had the RagaMuffin name acccepted with the GCCF and the  RagaMuffin now has its own breed number which is 60.

more recently the RagaMuffin has preliminary status with GCCF which means we are now able to show at merit level which is very exciting for all concerned- In June 2011 we were able to compete for Open Class placements and Best of Breed and also compete against other SLH for Best in show- this is wonderful

Over the next few months and years we will be promoting the breed and fulfilling the criteria until we gain Champion status in the UK below are some pictures of the rest of the Groups Foundation Cats.

All of the foundation cats that I am working with have been tested negative for the known Ragdoll & Maine Coon  
HCM gene PKD, MPS1 and MPSM

Here are some pictures of the foundation cats that are part of my breeding programme

Indigo Rags Beau- USA Import

Natural Mink Silver Tabby and White

Beau is used to illustrate our standard of points

Amatissimi Mr Mubbins- Hungarian Import

Solid Blue and White RagaMuffin

Rivendell Rags Indian Sunset- USA Import

Blue Cream Mink Tabby and White RagaMuffin

Encore Too Greta Garbo- USA Import

Shaded Silver Tortie Ragamuffin





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